The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance brings together three leading providers of integrated IT solutions for the health and social care market.

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System C Healthcare

Provider of modern, easy-to-use, integrated clinical and administrative IT solutions to the NHS

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Graphnet Health

The UK’s foremost supplier of integrated care record software to the NHS, social and care services

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The UK’s fastest-growing supplier of software for Local Authority social care and education management services

The Care Alliance is a strategic partnership delivering a digital blueprint to transform health and social care through advanced and integrated technology.

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Committed to interoperability and the cloud

The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance are adopting the FHIR interfacing standard to make easier the sharing of health and care information and to stimulate digital innovation. The companies are launching cloud-based platforms which offer customers and authorised third parties a package of open APIs using FHIR-based standards. The APIs will be available in a rolling programme right across all Care Alliance products – including shared care records, child health, EPR, and social care solutions.

First to be launched is Graphnet’s open interoperability platform, offering FHIR APIs to the CareCentric shared record software. This will be followed by social care, child health, vitals, clinical collaboration, alerts, connectivity for third-party patient facing apps, and a range of API packages for the Care Alliance’s PAS, EPR and clinical systems. For social care, Liquidlogic is generating the nine FHIR messages necessary for hospital assessments, discharges and withdrawal notices.

We are progressively moving all our software to the cloud as we believe there are a number of benefits to our customers, including:

  • Reduced capital investment requirements (no hardware to procure and commission and no hardware refreshes to consider)
  • Revenue models linked to actual daily infrastructure usage - you pay for what you use as infrastructure is scaled up or down according to need
  • Performance is maintained as load and functionality increases
  • Small-scale deployments that would be cost prohibitive locally are viable in the cloud. This liberates customers and makes deployments viable for small-scale users such as nursing homes
  • Cloud facilitates the sharing of data via APIs, encouraging innovative new apps and new uses

For more info, contact us or read how System C and Graphnet are delivering interoperable and cloud-based solutions to transform health and social care.

Global Digital Exemplar

Our digital exemplar blueprint

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Delivering Global Digital Excellence at UH Bristol

Watch our video for an update on progress and how fast follower, Whittington Health, can benefit from our blueprint

We are a GDE and LHCRE partner

We are deploying our digital blueprint with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, our partner in NHS England’s Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme, The Whittington Health NHS Trust, our GDE ‘fast follower’ Trust, and also with Greater Manchester, our partner in the Local Health and Care Record Digital Exemplar (LHCRE) programme.

Want to become a blueprint partner?
Watch the video on the left to find out more about our vision and work to date with Bristol, or click LHCRE-and-GDE-Partner-Whitehere to read more.

We work in partnership with health and social care providers


Local authorities with social service responsibilities use our Liquidlogic software


Total population covered by CareCentric shared records is in excess of 12 million


Medical records for 5.4 million children are managed using our CarePlus Child Health software


Trusts use our Medway Electronic Patient Record solution


Trusts use our Medway Maternity system


Trusts use our Business Intelligence solutions


Trusts use our CareFlow Connect communication and co-ordination platform and Vitals e-Observations systems