The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance brings together five of the UK’s most innovative and experienced providers of integrated IT solutions for the health and social care market.

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Provider of modern, easy-to-use, integrated clinical and administrative IT solutions to the NHS


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The UK’s foremost supplier of integrated care record software to the NHS, social and care services

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The UK’s fastest-growing supplier of software for Local Authority social care and education management services



Intelligent services and solutions to support women, newborn and children’s health



Market leader in remote patient monitoring, transforming out-of-hospital care and supporting patients at home

The Care Alliance is a strategic partnership delivering a digital blueprint to transform health and social care through advanced and integrated technology.

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The National Immunisation Management System (NIMS)

The National Immunisation Management System, provided by the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, supports almost every aspect of a vaccination service, from identifying and inviting individuals to be vaccinated, through to recording vaccinations as they are given. It can also be used as a powerful analytical tool to interrogate and report vaccination data at local, regional, and national level in real-time.

The system has been used to support the English national Covid-19 and influenza vaccination programmes since 2020, and, in September 2022, it was rolled out to cover the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. Since its launch, NIMS has securely managed and processed the data of the entire General Practitioner (GP) registered English population (approximately 60m individuals), and supported the sending of over 120m letters, 57m emails, and 160m Short Message Service (SMS) texts. The system has also recorded more than 180m vaccination events and handled over a billion API requests from third party systems.

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We work in partnership with health and social care providers


Local authorities with social service responsibilities use our Liquidlogic software


Total population covered by CareCentric shared records is in excess of 20 million


Medical records for 6.4 million children are managed using our CarePlus Child Health software


Trusts have deployed our Electronic Patient Record solution


Trusts use our e-Observations and decision support solutions


CCGs use our CarePlus Child Health software


care professionals in the UK use our health and social care system 

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